Chris N. - Phoenix, AZ

I specialize in large business databases both on and off the web. These days I work mostly in web languages like Adobe Flex, PHP, dot net, etc., but for a very long time I specialized in FoxPro and Visual FoxPro (VFP).   My skills in VFP are . . . well. . . the very best. 


I don't get much chance to use those skills these days, but I can reveal to you that I code all my PHP, html, asp, and sometimes even C# and Flex in the VFP code editor.  That should tell you something about how comfortable the platform is for me!  I still use VFP to do prototypes and to build code generators for other languages due to its excellent string handling. I provide first-class service.

I  did custom business applications using VFP for everything from accounting systems, banking, and bridal gown inventory systems, graphics processors to child care management software, sugar beet harvesting, hazardous waste processing, medical software and games.  

I have a really good program that I wrote in Visual FoxPro  that takes a prototype database file (like the client's customer.dbf file or products file), reads through the fields and attiributes, and outputs text files in MXML (for Adobe Flex), PHP (for the CRUD database parts - basic updates, read, write, and view), JavaScript (for the grid browse views, and ASP.


Then, I take the plain-jane programs that result, and jazz them up with colors and pull-downs and tabs and user pulldowns and so on as appropriate. It just saves a huge amount of grunt work so I can do the cool parts of the code. It gets the boring part up fast, and it's consistent so I don't have to spend days testing my updates to see if I have all the fields I needed.


I use this little low-end tool to prototype even when the project did not start in VFP.  I  export the data to csv fields and populate the new database that way. Automatic is nice, but I truly want to understand the data, every single field, so I like to do the file creation manually so I can clean up unnecessary memo fields and the like.

Most of my business now is in large database applications, both on and off the web. I write in VB, C#, ASP, PHP, Perl, and Adobe Flex. Most applications are combinations of two or more languages, one for the front-end GUI and one for the back-end processing.

A large project recently has been a medical database. The program is in Adobe Flex, with a backend of PHP, Perl on a MySQL platform.

I also write phone and tablet apps for Android and I-phone.