Screen Converter

This program will convert Visual FoxPro screens to C#.NET screens.   It can do in a few seconds what would take a programmer hours.   Even if the programmer knew how to find all of the objects with their properties and methods, it would take him an hour or more to do a moderately complex screen and many hours for a large complex screen. 

Visual FoxPro screen (form) before conversion to C#


  • Save many thousands of dollars in conversion costs

  • Save more money by not having typos that may not show up until you are in production

  • If your production program is being changed frequently, save the additional cost of having to change both the old and new system.  This is even more expensive when a change is made in the production system and not in the new system.

All of the events (programming code) for all of the objects on a form (screen) being converted , including form level events are automatically put into anyform.cs.     Code that we cannot or have not yet converted is put in the event as a comment and is left for the programmer to finish.  


By automatically creating AnyScreen.cs, your programmer does not have to search for the events, nor does he or she  have to print out the code snippets or clip a paste them. 

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